BabySwap announces their 2022 roadmap for BABY, the Crypto You, Babyverse

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Baby is now 7 months! Thanks to people who love BabySwap our social media and community status is overwhelming. Baby has acheived lots in its 7 months. BabySwap can’t believe it’s come this far and the market knows us well enough so that we are in every rank, every list, every ‘first-choice’.

We made friends with several other partners and we had 15 Farms and Trade Minings with 13 Pools. The projects were grouped as Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Housewarming Baby, Flash Baby, and the ordinary type. We also worked with Binance Charity and collaborated with 4 projects for charity NFB sales.

BabySwap has great plans for 2022, so stay tuned!

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