Earn Rewards Every 15 Minutes With SAFTI’s Autostaking Protocol | SafuTitano The Latest Crypto Fork Offering Highest Fixed APY 2022

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Now this is a tempting offer! SafuTitano is offering a fixed APY of 392,537%. Can you get higher than that?

Safuu and Titano have now created new fork which is trading as SAFTI. Their new protocol is focused on addressing the shortcoming of their previous individual protocols.  SafuTitano takes pride in being the “Best Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in DEFI 3.0”. They are offering a simple buy-hold-earn system that would grow the portfolio in your wallet, fast.

As BabySwap is well known to offer support for new projects they’ll most certainly get wonderful support from the Babyswap team. The newly forged relationship between Babyswap and SafuTitano will certainly be long lasting as they are also giving suggestions to the other projects  such as SAFTIPAD to which is to be launched in BabySwap instead of any other decentralized exchange in the future.

Here you can also stake BABY tokens to earn SAFTI tokens!

Total Tokens: 26,000 SAFTI

Distribution duration: 30 days

Start at Block height 17,167,005, approx. 12:00 PM UTC, April 22nd

End at Block height 18,031,005, approx. 12:00 PM UTC, May 22nd

Token rewards per block: 0.0273 SAFTI

The 1x Farm & Trade Mining

In order to host the SAFTI Snack Pool, we provide a SAFTI-USDT farm as well as trade mining that will have 1x BABY rewards for 30 days at the same time.

What is Safu Titano?

Safu Titano (SAFTI) is the next generation DeFi 3.0 release on the BSC network that is conceived to earn passive returns in the easiest and most sustainable way, inspired by and to address the shortcoming of SAFUU and TITANO PROTOCOL to create a flawless Protocol

The token model behind is an experimental approach to ‘’The circular economy’’ concept, consisting of an Auto-staking feature just by holding the token plus a fixed APY that is sustainable over time and backed by a reserve of funds.

$SAFT token is powered by rebases, that reward holders with a 0.02362% every 15min. This means an annual compound interest of 392,537%. This APY is fixed and it is secured thanks to the 14% and 16% taxes with buys and sells respectively.

Other protocols allow bonds that passively dilute your position and pass it on to bondholders (thereby reducing your market share). Thanks to the tax system, Safu Titano gets its income from taxes, not bonds, and when someone buys or sells, investors benefit. There is no passive dilution to mint new tokens through binding.

The goal for the $SAFTtoken is simple, to build a Crypto Reserve Currency that will still exist in the years to come and become the base for a future ecosystem that offers a range of crypto products and services, all built from a strong foundation of consistent high APY rewards.

The tokenomics of $SAFTI are meant to ensure the project’s sustainability in perpetuity. The rewards received by $SAFTI holders come from a fee charged to every user each time $SAFTI is transacted, either through a buy or sell. This amount is accrued to a special wallet and designed to support the rebase rewards in $SAFTI going forward algorithmically.

The competitive advantages of SAFTI are its unique mechanics like autoliquidity and Auto burn. Also, in security standards, there is an audit performed by Audit Rate Tech, the team has KYC’d to pinksale and locked liquidity 365 days. Feel free to reach the team on Telegram if you have any questions.

To learn more about Safu Titano, please visit their official social media:

Website: https://safutitano.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/safutitano

Telegram: https://t.me/safutitano

How do you stake BABY to earn SAFTI rewards?

If you are a BABY sitter which means you own BABY tokens, get in line here!

BabySwap 101 is how to stake BABY with SAFTI pool.

  • Visit this webpage: https://babyswap.finance/pools
  • Click “Approve BABY” on the SAFTI Snack Pool
  • Click on the stake button.
  • Confirm the transaction.

BEP20 SAFTI will also be circulating and transferable on BNB Chain when we start the snack pool, so you will be able to harvest your SAFTI tokens and trade on BabySwap at any time!

How do you stake SAFTI-USDT LP to earn BABY rewards?

If you are a SAFTI holder, get in line here!

BabySwap 102 is how to stake SAFTI-USDT LP in farm.

Step 1 Get LP

  • Go to the Liquidity page
  • Click ‘Add Liquidity’.
  • Select SAFTI & USDT and enter the amount.
  • Check the details, and click ‘Supply’
  • Check the details, and click ‘Confirm Supply’
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Done! You can click ‘View on BscScan’ to see your transaction details.

Step 2 Stake LP

  • Go to farms
  • Select SAFTI-USDT farm
  • Click ‘Approve Contract’
  • Click ‘Stake LP’ and enter the amount of LP, then click ‘Confirm’.
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Done! You can click ‘View on BscScan’ to see your transaction details.

How to Earn BABY through SAFTI-USDT Trade Mining?

Trade from SAFTI to USDT or from USDT to SAFTI, you will get BABY as trade mining rewards — simple as that!


The official SAFTI token contract address on BNB Chain is:


Any other SAFTI token will be a scam and will result in a financial loss for users. Do not buy tokens from any other token address. Always verify the token address before purchasing tokens. If you receive airdrops from another address for SAFTI tokens, we advise you to ignore them.


Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.

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