Wrapped SOW On BSC | RxSeedCoin Launches New Stellar Crypto Coin – WSOW On BabySwap February 2022

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 Rx SeedCoins Ltd. (RxSeedCoin.io:WSOW) has just announced the trading of their crypto currency utility WSOW, which will be used to uplift humanity and provide solutions to some of the world’s greatest social issues. It began trading on BitMart.com and BabySwap.finance on January 17, 2022 and is looking towards a bright future in the NFT and Crypto world.

There are 3 main parts to the RxSeedCoin.io business model:
1.  We help people sell and implement Blockchain technology for both business and personal setups. We also help simplify the use of this technology for everyone.

2. Leveraging Capital Formation for Expansion: Leveraging Blockchain technology such as RxSeedCoin.io, wSOW-Coin Where the Blockchain Business Meets Compassion wSOW-Coin and other unsecuritized and securitized products, such as NonFungible Tokens (NFTs) as a means to expand its business operations.

3. Uplifting Humanity, Creating Community, and Inspiring People: Using buy-backs and other
intensives to support the market for wSOW-Coin and other modalities that enable people to uplift
people in need and help each other in their own times of need. Partnering with other like-minded
businesses. Partnering with other like-minded businesses.

RxSeedCoin.io vision is to Create and sell Blockchain technology solutions for businesses and individuals and helping to make Blockchain technology an easy-to-use utility for the people everywhere.

RxSeedCoin.io is a for-profit advanced Blockchain technology business that has commited 1/3 of its resources to help provide solutions to meet the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy solutions as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. RxSeedCoin.io has created a Crypto Currency Coin called SOW-Coin (aka “the Coin of Compassion”) to capitalize their projects and use coin buybacks in order to create a community of people (i.e. their coin holders) who help each other by buying, holding and transacting in the SOW-Coin – which can also be converted to fiat currency. The concept of the coin is that when SOW-Coin holders buy and transact in SOW-Coin, they help finance Rx SeedCoin’s relief efforts as well as their business projects. SOW-Coin holders have a benefit for helping others because they can sell their coins back into the community in order to cover the costs of any emergencies that may arise in their own lives. In this way, people “reap what they sow.” RxSeedCoin.io is the first ever Stellar Coin wrapped into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) yielding WSOW. The coin was designed by Rx SeedCoin partner and Blockchain engineering firm Ammbr.com. SOW-Coin can now be acquired and traded on the BitMart.com Crypto Currency Exchange and BabySwap as of January 17, 2021.

Rx SeedCoin partners with a U.S. publicly traded company, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK:SIRC), and has many exciting projects including: selling securitized Clean Energy NFT’s where the Blockchain community will be able to help finance clean energy deployments and reap financial rewards in exchange. RxSeedCoin.io initiates and participates in many ongoing humanitarian relief efforts and was the first organization ever to offer Bible related NFT artwork on Christmas day,2021, on Ammbr’s NFT exchange to help benefit the victims of the December 2021 Tornados in Kentucky.

“We are pleased to be working in cooperation with BitMart.com and BabySwap to bring a new kind of Blockchain business to the world and a new kind of currency we call WSOW, that combines business with compassion and that we intend use to create a real utility for people,” says Jeff Richfield, a founder of RxSeedCoin.io says. “I think people will be surprised at how we develop the various utilities of our coin over the next few months and into the future,” says David Miller another RxSeedCoin.io founder, “People should go to our website and have a look at our latest commercials and informational videos that capture the spirit of where we are heading. You can just go to our website and click on ‘Follow’ then look at our YouTube playlists.”

For more information visit the company’s website at RxSeedCoin.io.

Any person interested in buying a first ever Bible NFT to help tornado victims, please go to RxSeedCoin.io and click on the “NFTs” menu item.

For more information about this press release contact: 307-222-9867 or email media@sowcommunity.com

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