BabySwap Announces NTF Market Upgrade On Baby Metafi | Trade & Earn Baby-Brand NFTs On Opensea 2022

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A Baby-Centered NFT Market from Now On!

BabySwap has announced that is has now changed the way it is trading NFTs on it’s MetaFi. From now on you will be able to trade only Baby Brands on OpenSea. This is to ensure that more focus is given to $BABY. Make sure you are part of this fast growing industry! Have you got your cute Baby NFT yet?

BabySwap say “A ground-breaking upgrade has been done, which is important, methodical, and efficient, and it is a far better focus for Baby on Baby MetaFi and Baby-Brand NFTs!”

We are in a new phase where the Baby NFT Market will only serve our Baby MetaFi, which means only Baby Brand NFTs can be traded from then on. No more non-Baby NFTs!

We have made this decision based on several factors. Baby Brand NFTs have actually made incredible records on OpenSea ever since it connected the BNB Chain NFTs. We are so honored to be recognized and known in the scope of all chains in crypto. It was a great pleasure but at the same time, made the team realize that Baby Brand NFTs have a ton of untapped potential, and phenomenal opportunities to increase our brand awareness across the Web 3.

And as Baby has mentioned about our impressive rankings on OpenSea, Baby Brand NFTs will be the best advertisement to attract more new users on BNB Chain or even other chains. So, instead of competing with the mature NFT market, we decided to make the best use of it and will redistribute our resources to the BUIDLing of our Baby Brand NFTs!

Therefore, we have made it our priority to optimize the user experience in our ‘local’ Baby NFT Market for a better and resource-focused Baby Eco. Meanwhile, a better Baby-focused NFT Market will best handle traffic and new users from OpenSea or other external NFT platforms.

We are doing everything we can to benefit our babies the most! To BUIDL a robust, profitable, advanced, and healthy Baby MetaFi is always our ultimate goal.

Note that the Baby-focused ‘local’ market will also have its Map version later on. Stay tuned!

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Are you ready for the exclusive Baby V2 upgrade? It’s about to kick off next week! As Baby always prioritizes security, before we go, BabySwap V2 Farm and Pool Audit Report is well-prepared as promised!

Check the newly updated report on our docs here, and counting down for the anticipated upgrades