BabySwap MetaFi launched – a combination of DeFi, GameFi and the Metaverse

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The massive upgrades to BabySwap will focusing on development. They’ve never been more ambitious before or faced a move this big-so all eyes will be on what happens next. Since November when they announced their roadmap in Baby Metaverse, they have contiued to  build on the foundation whilst  exploring new possibilities.

BABY MetaFi is a result of their team who have been working on this project for a while, and have seen the DeFi evolve from its inception. They developed  the idea of AMM+NFT+GameFi = Foundation + Connector + Ultimate Goal. One important moment was when they started to notice how it evolved and the worked hard to keep up with the latest changes and developments in the crypto and Metaverse. 

As Reported By The BabySwap Team

Since November when we announced our roadmap in Baby Metaverse, all we have been doing is to keep building the foundation while exploring new possibilities, and this is how we BUIDL the crypto world in a sustainable way. Rather than an innovator, we’d like to be a connector that gathers everyone, every asset, every trend together.

That’s why the idea of Baby MetaFi exists.

Web Page Upgraded

Many of you have noticed the change in the display of our home page. The change was made to better coordinate with our Baby MetaFi, where we added more features in it rather than the original setting that only works for DEX.

Baby GamePad

We released a post of Baby GamePad yesterday to briefly introduce the feature. GamePad will be launched for GameFi Projects that are incubated and collaborated by BabySwap. IGO (Initial Gaming Offerings) will also be available to initially offer the governance tokens (BEP 20) of games and NFT items (BEP 721) in games, and provide financial and marketing services in later days.

(IGO Project Example)

Followed by the GamePad, our NFT market will be online afterward to accept all kinds of NFT assets. With the opportunity of participating in IFO and INO, we will provide more benefits for BABY holders.

Baby MetaLabs

Baby’s foundation is finally here. Besides the growth funds we offer to projects who grow with us, we decided to have a separate department set for private investment. In Baby MetaLabs, we will invest in Web3 Infra, DeFi Protocols, GameFi, and SocialFi, to help with initial offering, marketing, liquidity, etc. We’d also fight for the opportunity for our users to invest in the earlier round.

The first investment is to be announced.

With the initial financial and resource support of Baby MetaLabs, the initial offering opportunity in Baby GamePad, the farm and the pool relying on Baby’s credible DeFi protocol, and the great BSC ecosystem, all gem projects shall shine with Baby MetaFi.

To better realize our value in the crypto industry, the Smarter DeFi for Web3 is needed.

Baby MetaFi is charging.

Are you ready to build with us?

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