BSC Lauds BabySwap For It’s Advances In Assisting New Projects On MetaFi & BNB Smart Chain With New NFT Releases 2022

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BabySwap has spent the last year helping small start ups in the crypto space. BabySwap felt that there was a need to help newborn projects grow on the Binance Smart Chain. They are proud of how much they have accomplished as their first anniversary is coming up. Join us as we have an informal chat with BSC News’s Ask Me Anything, an educational series that covers everything Crypto and DeFi related on the Binance Smart Chain.


AMA with Baby Swap

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Baby Swap! Today we have @babyswap_Ava joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here 🙂

Baby Ava

Glad to be here!! Thanks for inviting me!


1. This is Baby’s second time in BSC News AMA, but let’s start with the introduction of you and BabySwap just so that the new users might be more familiar.

Baby Ava

Absolutely! Hello all, it’s Baby A here, Global Operation Director of BabySwap. Happy to be here with BSC News again!

To give you a brief intro, we launched on June 1st last year, as the best AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on BNB Chain, because we saw strong potentials within the newborn and long tail projects. We always wanna provide a full structure, where AMM is the fundamental, NFT is the connector, and GameFi is the ultimate goal, Web 3.0 is the bonus point. Check out the calendar and you may see that we are reaching our first year anniversary!! That’s why we are here again with BSC News and I wanna share about our growth in 1 year as well as the future plans – a step into Baby 2.0.

2. Please tell us more about what BabySwap is and how are you contributing to the BSC ecosystem?

Baby Ava

Other than the brief introduction above, I want to say that BabySwap is to assemble all BEP 20 and 721 assets on the BNB chain, helping both kinds of projects growing on the BNB Chain, providing DeFi services, marketing support, and initial offerings to these projects. To be more detailed, I have to talk about the name Baby itself.

The name BabySwap came from our initial reflections and vision. We believed that DeFi ought to be the finance service that is easy for everyone to participate in, for both individual and professional users. While now the situation is, your capital has determined how profitable you are, and similarly, the capital a project can raise determines their public exposure, which in turn affects the value of the project.

I have to say, this makes a threshold for DeFi. Newborn projects usually lack experience or initial capital, so we positioned BabySwap as the best DEX and asset management choice for newborn projects on BNB Chain. We aim to provide a more friendly trading experience and more supportive services. We hope to offer baby projects and baby users a more easy-to-use platform for trading, token listing, promoting, and even value growth. And this is why we are here. Babies help babies. I hope I can walk you through the shining points of BabySwap and know the killing features and the ways to earn from them.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! Let’s unpack a bit as there was a lot I wanted to touch on. So first let’s talk about your token

3. To start things off, I noticed that other than $BABY, you also have $vBABY? How are they used on your platform?

Baby Ava

$BABY is our core token for sure, and it’s fair launched on June 1st, 2021. It has many use cases already. For example, Perpetual trading fees, Staking to earn, NFT Market currency, IFO and INO participation, collaborative projects’ use cases, and upcoming features such as Lucky Baby (Lottery) and etc.

For vBABY, vBABY is the VIP membership of BabySwap, which earns more benefits for users. vBABY is minted by BABY in the ratio of 100:1.

You can get as many vBABY as you want. And here’s the benefit you can get.

  • Share vBABY: Each block produces 4 BABY, which will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards.
  • Trading fee: 0.025% of the user’s trading volume will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards. Y’all should know we have high trading volumes, got like $12 Billion for last 3 months
  • NFT market trading fee: 2% of the NFT market trading volume will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards
  • vBABY redeem fee: 50% of vBABY redeem fees will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards
  • Referral reward: Invite your friends to get 10% vBABY minted by users. If your invited friend uses 100 BABY to mint 1 vBABY, he/she will get 1 vBABY, and you will get 0.1 vBABY at the same time.
  • Hint: There’s a 10% redeem fee for users who redeem vBABY to BABY again. 50% will be allocated to vBABY holders as mentioned above, 30% will be burnt, and 20% will go to the treasury.

Also, we recently added one more benefit to vBABY holders, which is sharing 0.05% of the total trading volume on BabySwap.

vBABY is currently the most popular feature on BabySwap, you can earn BABY and USDT at the same time. It’s like doing a part-time job, but effortless.

We will keep adding features for the AMM part, and actually some of them are in progress already. Please stay tuned for more!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Brilliant, thank you! Lots to look forward to

4. What are the ways to earn $BABY?

Baby Ava

You can earn $BABY by trading on BabySwap. You will earn the trade mining rewards in $BABY! You could also build your LP and stake in our Farms, there are some pretty juicy APRs in the farm.

For new users, the route should be like this to maximize your profit: Buy your $BABY on BabySwap, with the additional trading rewards. Stake it in the auto BABY pool, or manual BABY pool, or vBABY. You could also have your LPs mining in the farm for BABY. For the BABY you earned, you could re-stake into the pools you like. Good for the long term profit!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay neat! So let’s actually talk about that because it is something that I found to be really interesting

5. Trading and Staking to earn, those are nice ways! Or you could just buy $BABY on BabySwap. Speaking of Trading and Staking, can you tell us more about them? What are the advantages BabySwap has?

Baby Ava

As I said, we are about to go into Baby 2.0. So we basically accomplished all the fundamentals.

1. Trade

Let me introduce BabySwap Smart Router to you – you can now trade over 90% of BEP 20 tokens on BabySwap! We will choose the best route for you.

Along with the Smart Router, we updated our farms and only reserved the BABY, BNB and other public-chain farms, such as SOL, AVAX, FTM, and ATOM. Our liquidity for these tokens are top 2 on BNB Chain, so it helps the projects and our BabySwap in protocol earnings and trading experiences. We also reserved 1inch farm, since we have partnership together and we seem to be their only liquidity place on BNB Chain.

Top liquidity for the main tokens, plus the Smart Router, you will definitely be getting the best trading experience here. And no need to say we also have the trade mining I mentioned above.

2. Stake

We also have several kinds of staking service, for $BABY and for other projects. For projects who need DeFi service but lack experience or time to build one, BabySwap’s staking service will fulfill your needs.

Farms and Pools will be the full-service DeFi station, and will be upgraded next week.


Stake LP Earn BABY (Already online): We no longer accept new ALT into the Farm, to ensure that BABY can best service BABY and mainstream tokens and maximize the outcome.

Stake LP Earn ALT (Upgrade in progress): We will furtherly accept PancakeSwap LPs to the farm, meaning that you can use your LPs on PancakeSwap to stake on BabySwap, and projects don’t need to separate their liquidity to 2 platforms since we have the Alt farm upgraded and we have Smart Router for trading.


Stake BABY Earn ALT (Already online)

Stake ALT Earn BABY (Already online): We will lower the BABY output gradually. For those tokens who need staking service, it will be directed to the ALT-ALT pool.

Stake ALT Earn ALT (In progress)

We will also be having NFT staking in the future.

6. You mentioned NFT, but before we go into NFT, could you tell us more about the recently launched Perpetual?

Baby Ava

We recently launched Perpetual in collaboration with ApolloX! I have to say Perpetual Swap has a relatively higher risk than Spot Trading. Please DYOR on perpetual tradings other than the guidebook provided by BabySwap and know your own risks before you start trading. If you are confident in your knowledge in perpetual, feel free to use BABY as the trading fees and enjoy the 10% discount!!

A perpetual contract is a special type of futures contract, but unlike the traditional form of futures, it doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. Some of you might not be familiar with perpetuals and there are plenty of places to research before you actually use the feature.

As perpetual added to our sidebar, our DeFi part has been accomplished more. There are still more features waiting for us to explore, and I can’t wait to see the baby step into the second year. We also have a campaign ongoing right now, feel free to join!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Make sure to check out the twitter link, community!

7. Moving onto NFT, please tell us about your NFT ecosystem!

Baby Ava

Definitely. For NFT, let me separate the NFT ecosystem into 3 sections and explain them one by one – NFB, Baby Club, NFT Market.

First, NFB, Non-Fungible Baby, first released in July last year. It’s our first NFT collection, and each has a face value. They can be stored in the NFB pool for BABY with a 1.2x return. For each NFB minted, there will be a certain amount of BABY locked up so that it’s ready for staking at any time. For instance, our Diamond Hand NFB is airdropped to top 150 baby holders each month, and the face value is 1,000 BABY, once we mint a diamond hand nfb out, there will be 1,200 BABY locked up. So that’s a hard core locking up.

But NFB is only our first and one of the collections! Another new collection is about to be on the stage – Baby Club (Full name not disclosed yet). It is formed based on the 10,000 profile pictures which are also Baby’s official PFP assets, similar to the trending BAYC, Azuki, Moonbirds, etc. Baby PFP is the core assets of Baby Metaverse, and takes responsibility for Baby to expand its branding in both Web 3 and Web 2. It will be solely operated in the future. The BabySwap team is working hard on DID related features, such as My Assets, Profile, etc.

8. Wow, amazing news about the New NFT coming out! It’s pretty exciting to see a trending PFP on BNB Chain since most are on Ethereum. Last but not the least about the NFT ecosystem, tell us about your NFT Market!

Baby Ava

The BabySwap NFT Market is a dedicated BNB chain platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

NFT Market brings together BabySwap NFB (Non-Fungible Baby), INO (Initial NFT Offering) projects, IFO (Initial Farm Offering) projects, and many more trending NFT collections to provide a fully featured platform for NFT projects and users. Now that we have dozens of collections online, and will be adding more gradually.

We will upgrade the NFT Market this month, including filter, import list, and Boost function, including Listing Mining (List your NFT to get BABY rewards). The growth of NFT Market needs to go through Collection – Listing – Trading.

Stephanie (BSC.News)


9. Where are you on your roadmap? What are your plans to upgrade the BabySwap ecosystem?

Baby Ava

We are just finishing up with our Baby 1.0 roadmap by adding those small features related to trade, stake, and NFT.

You are expecting these in the following month:

Stake Upgrade (Stake ALT LP Earn ALT, Stake ALT Earn ALT)

X (Related to trade)

NFT Market Upgrade

DID (My assets, personal info)

Baby Club

I wish to share all the details of Baby 2.0 Era cuz it makes me excited!! But I can’t tell the whole story yet, but let me tell you the frame! Other than the frames, you will be seeing more details starting from the middle and the end of May because we will be holding our anniversary events with lots of new features and themes coming in. At that time, we could officially tell you the outcomes we have for 1.0 and the roadmap of 2.0.

I’m only allowed to leak a bit:

1. Club (I used to call it Baby Gang): Baby’s core members learn and earn together. This is more than sharing profits of BabySwap, but you will be able to have real business with us.

2. Tokenomic Adjustment

3. Better Utility and BuyBack

Money comes and money goes, it all goes to BABY! And we have even bigger financial support to get you through the bear market.

Hold long, and stay strong.

Stephanie (BSC.News)


10. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?


Baby Ava

BabySwap is having the 1st anniversary on June 1st! Series of Anniversary events will be released starting from this week. So I highly recommend you guys to follow our Twitter  and participate in those events. We are also about to release news related to Baby Club, so stay close with us! I don’t want you to miss out!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

It’s definitely some exciting stuff! Would you be able to provide us with social media links so that our community could follow?

Please drop your social links here so readers can visit you


Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Make sure that you guys go and check out BabySwap! Their platform offers you exposure to the best projects on BSC all while rewarding you for using their innovative ecosystem!


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