Will Monkeypox Cause Bitcoin And Cryptos To Explode?

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With the world going into a panic like it did with Covid and with those saying that Bill Gates is involved, it’s becoming more likely every day the world will go into some kind of lockdown again. With the huge loss of trust in our governments since Covid people will be flocking back to safe cryptos like bitcoin where it is at least in your hands and there is limited supply not like some governments that are printing money recklessly devaluing their currencies.

It has been over 2 years since covid was declared as a pandemic. The chart below shows what happened to the price of bitcoin when it was declared in March 20202 as a pandemic There are many different theories as to why this happened, but one theory is that people invested in bitcoin as a safe haven because people wanted a currency that was safe, decentralized and not manipulated.

A picture is a worth more than a thousand words the chart tells us the whole story from when it began to when everything started to go back to normal again. From under $8,000 to a high of over $65,000 by April 2021 an increase of over 812%!!

Here is what Jemima Kelly August 24 2021 had to say in the Financial Times

“Yet in some ways, the crypto crowd were not wrong. In the almost 18 months since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, the price of bitcoin has risen by about 525 per cent, from just under $8,000 to a three-month high just above $50,000 on Monday. XRP has climbed by a similar amount to trade around the $1.25 mark.”

Financial Times

Will it happen again?

Many Are Now asking Will The Spread Of Monkeypox Cause Bitcoin And Other Cryptos To Explode?

With governments in Europe starting asking people to isolate for 3 whole weeks anyone who as been in contact with Monkeypox. This is more than one needed to isolate for COVID. As much as governments are telling us not to panic, it sure is starting to look like that they are panicking.

There are some who have even attributed the new outbreak of monkeypox to Bill Gates, a key contributor to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that begins this week. It’s an organization that many distrust and are very wary of the Great Reset and the nebulous plans that they have for the rest of society.

Whether or not this is true it will certainly cause more distrust in centralized governments and other big institutions.

Big institutions like banks, the International Monetary Fund and many other things will be at risk of this distrust when people start to fear that they can’t trust them anymore.

More and more people are starting to distrust big institutions, and the more that distrust grows, the more institutions will be at risk of it. It wasn’t so long ago when Wells Fargo was caught scamming their customers by opening fake accounts without authorization. This led to a huge loss in people’s trust in Wells Fargo as well as other big institutions like it.

What happens when you can’t trust your leaders and government?

People start running to the only thing that is secure with the uncertainty of the future, people are looking for a safe haven. With the government and leaders in flux many will start turning to gold, cryptos, and other things that they can hold and control.

Our world is changing, and there’s no telling what the future will bring. With inflation soaring, and the big companies making bigger profits than ever before, it’s not surprising that people are worried about where we’re going. The question is, how can we make this future a better one? One option is to temporarily suspend the current system, and start over. This would allow people to create a new economy with its own rules. But that’s not an option right now-we need to work within the existing system. So, what can we do? Inflation Crisis! Look for safe havens.

Gold provides an easy-to-access way to hedge against inflation and the unstable future. Cryptos are also considered as a hedge against government-imposed monetary restrictions.

In conclusion, it’s clear that with the history of the past and given the current conditions of the world, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear to have a good chance of becoming very popular again as monkey-pox continues to spread.