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OwlDAO has become so popular that it won the the tough BabySwap Bottle contest this week (see more below). OWL is a gem project and is as multi-chain DAO that aims to innovate traditional crypto casinos to integrate with the new DEFI world. Partnering with leading protocols, helping Crypto projects build their own casinos and connecting them with more than 30 Certified Game Providers to offer more than 3000 games. Game team provide seamless integration solutions for projects who wants to introduce casino functionality to their own website.

Whether you want to bet on sports, play slots, or make it big at poker OWL has something for you.

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With sports more than 40,000 events are held monthly, ranging from soccer, NBA, tennics, to E-Sports such as csgo, league of legend. get $50 when they buy $10 worth of OWL tokens to use all the casino features.

A report from BabySwap

Hi babies, how y‘all doing this week? On this lovely Sunday, BabySwap brings babies Bottle of the week — OwlDAO.

Numerous outstanding projects have performed well in the Bottle competition this week and are ready to fight for the final round. Bottle is a great place for gem projects to show their liquidity, trading volume, market fame, and increase their marketing awareness. If you wanna know more about the projects, you could always use your BABY and vote for them to make the Bottle of the Week and check for more details.

For Bottle of the Week, we will introduce a glowing project from BabySwap Bottle every week. Guess who’s baby’s favorite?

Let us welcome the selected project this week — OwlDAO.

Learn more about OwlDAO.

Website: https://owldao.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OWLDAOio

Telegram: https://t.me/owlDAO

Chat with Baby

Our baby invited OwlDAO to the house and chatted a little bit, here’s the record!

1. What are the main advantages of OwlDAO for the user, compared to the similar projects?

For holders: OwlDAO contributes a portion of the revenue generated by all casinos in their ecosystem including its main casino Owl.Games to the $OWL token, holders of the $OWL token will earn extra income through staking in our pools.

For Players: Users playing with the $OWL token, will receive custom rewards and have an edge on our weekly contests.

2. What is your security strategy? How do you protect your users, their funds and data?

We have a dedicated team of security experts monitoring the DAO and all casinos under the ecosystem. We have also audited all our contracts with Certik to ensure the safety of all our investors.


3. What’s your roadmap for the next couple of months?

Our focus at the moment is to expand our catalog of DeFi projects using our casino solutions.

4. Tell me a little more about your latest feature.

We recently launched a campaign where users can get $50 when they buy $10 worth of OWL tokens to use all the casino features. Plus, we’ve also launched our stake Owl earn Owl, so users can combine both offers and get the most of their investment.

5. Why did you decide to cooperate with BabySwap?

We are thrilled to cooperate with BabySwap because they are one of the fastest growing trading platforms on BSC with an excellent and dedicated team.

6. Did you hold or are you going to hold any event for Bottle?

We will be holding a bottle event in two days!

7. Are you going to have any other cooperation with BabySwap? What are they?

Bottle of the week event.

8. Say something nice to the baby!

That baby is the coolest and cutest looking baby in the entire crypto space. Never change, you’re awesome!

BabySwap Bottle welcomes more projects to join, and is committed to bringing more events and benefits to babies.

Guess what’s the glowing project next week?

Let’s warm the bottle up for the baby!

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Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.

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