Own BABY? Love NFT? Join BabySwaps Airdrop Rewards Program & Earn Credits With New Art Collector lll March 2022

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Are You an NFT Collector? Do you love the Baby character? Well guess what? You’re not the only one! BabySwap loves Baby and is now starting the new Art Collector III.

There is no doubt that NFTs are on the rise! NFTs are gaining notoriety now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. A staggering £123 million has been spent on NFTs since November 2017. Owning NFTs allows creators the authority to rent digital artworks out, to sell them or display them how they wish. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to get yours!

Art Collector III NFB

Unlike Diamond Hand and Gold Miner NFB, Art Collector NFB will not be distributed monthly and automatically but will be distributed once we have 20–30 New NFB coming out. We intend to reward NFB lovers who have bought our NFB from initial sales or in the secondary market.

As of March 23rd, there are 34 NFB released, either for airdrop or charity sales. The NFBs are as follows:

1648030916 154 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up1648030916 154 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up

Different NFB has its unique meaning with the distinct face value. To be qualified as an Art Collector, there must be some rules to follow.

Scoring System of Art Collector III NFB

Art Collector III has a special scoring system that allows BabySwap to rank the top 100 of all NFB lovers and reward the Art Collector III NFB. We will take a snapshot sometime on March 31st as the material for ranking. All NFB matters, so we don’t want to simply measure your NFB through its face value. Therefore, we set a bunch of credits for you to get.

I. Basic Credits

For every NFB (Within the collection this time) you have, you can earn 1 CREDIT;

If you have another same NFB, you can earn 0.5 CREDITS;

But if you have more than 2 NFB, the rest won’t count.

E.g., If you have 1 Diamond Hand — March 2022, you will get 1 credit; If you have 2 Diamond Hand — March 2022, you will have 1.5 credits; if you have 3 Diamond Hand — March 2022, you will still have 1.5 credits, because the rest won’t count. If you have 1 Diamond Hand — March 2022 NFB and 1 Gold Miner — March 2022 NFB, you will have 2 credits.

We have 34 different NFB as of March 23rd, only these NFB count as credits for this time. Overall, you can maximally get 51 basic credits (34*1.5).

II. Group Credits

We set 4 series eligible for a bonus this time, and if you are able to collect all NFB in 1 group, credits will be added.

1648030917 885 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up1648030917 885 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up
  • If you collect all 6 NFB from the Friends Serie, you can earn 3 CREDITS;
  • If you collect all 13 NFB from the Mates Serie, you can earn 4 CREDITS;
  • If you collect all 4 NFB from the Memories Serie, you can earn 2 CREDITS;
  • If you collect all 11 NFB from the Family Serie, you can earn 6 CREDITS.
  • If you have more than 1 set, you can earn an extra 1 CREDIT for each additional set you have.

Overall, there’s no limit for the group credits this time!!

III. BUY-UP Credit

I know some of you might be crazy about our NFB and don’t want to miss any of them, so we have a buy-up credit as a bonus if you collect all 34 NFB!

If you collect all 34 NFB, you can earn additional 10 CREDITS.

IV. Examples

The scoring system is new to all but pretty simple to calculate, let’s have an example and calculate the credits to see if you get it right.

Baby A is an NFB lover, so she has:

  • BABY & XWIN * 1
  • BABY & FIRE * 1
  • The whole set of Mates Series * 3
  • Diamond Hand — March 2022 * 3

How many credits does she have?

Already figured out?

Let’s see the answer.

1648030917 991 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up1648030917 991 BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up

Overall, Baby A will get 13.5 credits. Did you get it right? Now let’s calculate your credits and see how to sign-up for Art Collector III NFB!

Sign-Up and More

We use the sign-up form for Art Collector ranking and distribution.

Time of Sign-Up

March 23rd, 2022 — March 30th, 2022 (UTC). Users who fill out the form after the time period won’t be considered.

Time of Snapshot

March 31st, anytime on that day is possible.

Time of Distribution

Within 5 working days.

Sign-Up Form


(Same as the above hyperlink)

More about it

1) Only NFB released after the second Art Collector NFB call-up and before March 29th that has been illustrated above will be counted as credits this time, and there are overall 34 of them. NFB released before or during the sign-up time period that doesn’t get mentioned in this post is not included.

2) Buying from the official account or on the secondary market are both eligible for credits, but be aware of scams.

3) Rank will be disclosed after the distribution.

Sign-Up now if you think you already have enough NFB to be in the Top 100! Or you can also search for people who are selling them and buy the NFB on the secondary market to boost your score!

Again, please be careful of scams and make your collecting decision according to your own financial situation.

Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.

BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up.clientViewed&referrerSource=full rss&postId=f3069e3f1892

BabySwap Art Collector III Call Up.clientViewed&referrerSource=full rss&postId=f3069e3f1892

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